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Join us for IF:INNERKIP
APRIL 5-6, 2024


IF:INNERKIP is a local presentation of the IF:Gathering women's conference founded by Jennie Allen.

We are excited about the speakers of IF:2024!

Jennie Allen • Christine Caine • Annie F. Downs • Jada Edwards 

• Sadie Robertson Huff • Jaime Ivey • Christy Nockels • Bianca Olthoff • Ruth Chou Simons • Ann Voskamp • and many more!

I have been called to do these gatherings for almost four years now and, each IF: Gathering has brought lots of laughter and many tears. Tears of understanding, relating, compassion, sympathy, renewing, and restoring. More than one lady has said, “I couldn’t imagine you not having the IF: Gatherings. I look forward to it each year.” – April

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