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the raw carrot soup enterprise

Sometimes, in the busyness of everyday life, we don’t notice the individuals on the margins of our communities. These are the people who may be functionally illiterate, others that have learning challenges, some that grew up in families of abuse or neglect and some with physical limitations or living with mental illness. Like all of us, these people have something in common: the desire to live a purposeful life.


However, a traditional workplace, with a focus on maximizing profit, doesn’t always have room for supporting physical, social or emotional needs. That’s why the Raw Carrot came into existence... to provide an opportunity for meaningful employment and a means for people to find a way out of poverty.


At The Raw Carrot, we believe that a Hand Up is way more awesome than a hand-out! Empowering someone through work ensures dignity and community, increases their quality of life, and helps them work towards their own economic and livelihood security, instead of relying on others for handouts and assistance. Instead of a “quick fix”, we are providing a long-term possibility for sustainable change... all through having a job.Our staff are hired to cook healthy, hand crafted gourmet soup. The soup is sold in various locations in local communities in Ontario – farmer’s markets, vendor fairs and boutique grocery stores.

the real deal.

All of the soup from our kitchens are made with love! We cook each small batch with fresh ingredients to ensure the highest quality of delicious soup. Our soups are healthy, hearty, and free of added preservatives. We pack ‘em as full of nutritious veggies as we can! Our soup selections include dairy-free and gluten-friendly options as well as vegetarian and vegan soups.

to purchase

Raw Carrot Soup can be purchased at IPC after Sunday Services.
You can also purchase Raw Carrot Soup at the Woodstock Farmer's Market.

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