we see a THRIVING church

We see a Thriving church where people are being formed into spiritually mature followers of Jesus, by the transforming power of God’s Word and the healing work of the Holy Spirit, living passionately to see God’s Kingdom come in every area of life.

we see a FAITHFUL church

We see a Faithful church gathering together to remember and celebrate the redemptive story of what God has done in Christ, worshipping joyfully and praying expectantly for God’s will to be done here on earth, as it is heaven.​

we see a LOVING church

We see a Loving church where people journey together and find authentic community within life-changing small group settings where meaningful relationships are formed, faith is deepened, and spiritual gifts are released to glorify God and serve others.

we see a COMPASSIONATE church

We see a Compassionate church following Christ’s example to care for those going through difficult and painful experiences in life, tangibly demonstrating God’s love by walking with them to a place of healing, restoration, and renewed joy.​

we see a NURTURING church

We see a Nurturing church supporting and equipping parents to effectively pass on a living Christian faith to their children, preparing the next generation to be grounded followers of Jesus, ready to make a significant difference in their world.​

we see a CREATIVE church

We see a Creative church embracing the imagination as a gift from God to every person, where innovative approaches to life and faith abound, the creative arts flourish, and truth and beauty is expressed with excellence in the language of our culture.​

we see a GROWING church

We see a Growing church where people share what God is doing in their lives through stories of personal transformation that draw many people to faith in Jesus and impact the region in such a way that one location cannot possibly contain the blessing.

we see a VISIONARY church

We see a Visionary church where gifted leaders encourage and support God’s people in the implementation of all aspects of the vision, and mentor emerging leaders to serve in the church and become agents of change in the world.​

we see a SERVING church

We see a Serving church compelled by God’s love and motivated by Christ’s Commission actively engaged, at home and around the world, in transformational mission endeavours that enable individuals and communities to find wholeness and eternal hope in Jesus. ​