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Address: 64 Blandford St. Innerkip, ON

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Raising up a passionate generation of Jesus followers who are equipped to live their lives for Jesus, and be released to go out and impact their world in His name!

Our youth programs are geared toward kids between grades 6-12. Even if you don’t believe the same things as we do here at IPC Youth you’re welcome to come hang out any ways! There is always room at IPC Youth for more people!

"We see a Loving church where people journey together and find authentic community within life-changing small group settings where meaningful relationships are formed, faith is deepened, and spiritual gifts are released to glorify God and serve others."


At Jr High, grades 6-8 play plenty of games that have us running all around the church. Each night we shift gears and talk about Jesus in a fun and engaging way. Even if you don’t attend our church your kids are welcome to join us on Monday night at 6:00 pm. Want to stay up to date with what is going on with Jr High - sign up for the email here!


 If you’re in Grade 6-8, we have a special program for you on Sunday mornings. We meet in the Life Group room after the band leaves the stage on Sunday morning.


If you’re in highschool come hang out with us on Wednesday night at 6:30 pm. Come hangout with a group of students who are going through the same things as you are. Join us as we chat about the bigger questions of life and how we can follow Jesus in our day to day lives.

(if you don’t follow Jesus you’re still invited!)

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serving our youth

IPC Youth is a great place to serve others.

Are you too old for youth? Do you have energy to burn? Do you love teenagers and have a passion for helping students navigate their walk with Jesus? We are always looking for great people to help out on Monday or Wednesday evenings to lead our youth.  Drop us a line if you're jumping up and down with your hands in the air!



Brennan Sharrow
Youth Pastor

Watching the kids enthusiastically participate and want to be here for our programs has lead me to see that they have a need for inclusion in a good/safe place to be with their friends.

Teaching on Sundays has really impressed me with the fact that these kids are seeking to know and/or grow, that they give thought to, and have personal insights on, topics that affect their own lower stories. I’m impressed weekly by their growth and understanding. These young teens are, potentially, our future church leaders and I love to hear them share their insights on God, His provision, the importance of having a relationship with and following Him.

Stephen Owen,

Junior High Leader/Teacher