Hello to the IPC Family,

I am writing to draw everyone’s attention to our plans for our reopening! We are blessed to be able to meet again and are looking forward to gathering with whomever is able to come together before the Lord. Please take note of the following important comments so that we can gather in a safe and effective manner.

1) We will be having our first service on Sunday June 28th. This is a change from what was announced in last week’s Fireside Chat, but we have realized that a delay of one week would allow for the safest and best initial experienced that we could create.

2) Please take time to read the procedures we will be following. They are available here. These procedures might seem like a lot, but we are prioritizing safety and are asking you to come prepared to experience worship in a bit of a different way.

3) Remember to register for each service until you hear otherwise. We will have two services on the 28th and evaluate whether we need to carry on with both. But each week we need to know if you are coming. This will hopefully keep us from having to turn anyone away, and will facilitate Covid tracing if that was ever necessary. Register using this link, on our App, or if need be please call or email the office Monday through Thursday.

4) We are asking that masks be worn if you intend to sing. If you chose not to sing, then the wearing of a mask is optional.

5) Please arrive earlier than usual. As we will be asking you to go through a screening and seating process, it will be difficult to get started on time if everyone arrives last minute.

6) Please stay home if you are unwell. This is very important. The last thing we want is for someone with us to possibly pass on any illness, especially Covid19.

7) We have thought a lot about children’s ministry and have decided to not offer Children's Ministry during the service at the moment. Children are welcome to sit with their parents, and we will provide an age appropriate activity bag for them to use during the service. This decision will be re-evaluated as we go forward.

7) For those who choose to stay home, the online services will continue to be made available. We fully understand that some people will choose to postpone their return to in-person services. We will miss you but your safety is our priority and we understand.

8) In order to facilitate services in an ongoing manner we will need approximately 10 volunteers per Sunday. Please call or email the office if you are willing to serve in this way.

Needless to say, we are really looking forward to being together again. It has been too long that this family of believers has been apart! I am personally eager for us to gather again in God’s presence, know his love and blessing, and be able to bless him with our sincere and heartfelt worship. So, until June 28th, continue to seek him with all your hearts and live for him in all your do.