life groups

After you’ve connected with God through Weekly Services, the best way to grow deeper is by joining a Group. This is where you can find deep and meaningful connections with others and find opportunities to serve in the community.

"We see a Loving church where people journey together and find authentic community within life-changing small group settings where meaningful relationships are formed, faith is deepened, and spiritual gifts are released to glorify God and serve others."

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how do I find a life group?

joining a group is easy!

No matter who you are or where you are located, we have a group that's right for you!
if you're interested in joining, hosting, or leading a life group.



We have groups that meet throughout the Oxford County area.


day of the week

groups meet throughout the week on various days and times.



While most of our groups are as diverse as our congregation, we also have groups that discuss topics specifically for young adults, older adults, singles, married, and more.



We have a number of groups who provide childcare or who are kid-friendly.

are you ready to grow in community?


(for women)


(for men)

(for older adults)