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about us

Welcome to our IPC! We meet on Sundays to explore Jesus’ message of grace and hope as we apply the ancient truths of scripture to our culture and everyday lives. No matter who you are or where you’ve been, you’re welcome here.


Our goal is to create an environment where people can experience the love of God and have an encounter with Him. When you come to IPC you’ll realize quickly that we love Jesus and people. We are a judgment-free zone.


So come as you are, meet our team, have a coffee, and explore for yourself. Our hope is that through IPC you will find a home, discover who you were made to be, and feel empowered to make a difference in our world.

Our Mission

We believe that God has a purpose and a plan for us as a church and that when we are committed to living lives fully devoted to the Cause of Christ, He will accomplish amazing things in our midst!

We are all about loving God and loving people! As a church, our mandate is to introduce people to Jesus, deepen our faith, participate in God's life-transforming story, and serve others at home and around the world.


Through our dynamic music, relevant messages and creative environments we desire that you will continuously take the next step in your journey of faith.

“It takes teamwork to make the dream work!”

                                                           - John C. Maxwell


We agree strongly with John Maxwell who said, “It takes teamwork to make the dream work!” Click here to meet our amazing IPC staff team so that you can connect with them and know more about who we are. 

Serving brings life here at IPC we are devoted to giving our best to the cause of Christ. We’re into teaming up with God by offering our time and our talents. We would like to help you find your place at IPC.

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“Life is Better Together”


If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, you need to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal—and a Life Group is the ideal place for that. In a Life Group, eight to twelve adults meet regularly to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. You’ll be encouraged to live out the truths you discover in the Bible, as you encourage others to do the same.


“Life change happens in circles, not in rows.”

                                                                ~ Andy Stanley


The “church” is not a building, a denomination, or a business organization. It’s a family of people who agree about Jesus. At IPC, we believe that the family needs to gather together on the weekend in our worship time, but we also believe the family should scatter around the community and meet in small groups during the week. We call these small groups Life Groups.

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